Over 30 years experience in the management and development of companies engaged in the business of mineral resources, mining finance and process technology in gold, nickel, cobalt, copper and platinum group metals in Australia and South Africa.


EV Metals Group plc is a clean energy metals company based in Perth Western Australia. We are focused on the evaluation and development of the EV Metals Project.


The EV Metals Project envisages the operation of plant and facilities for the production of high purity nickel and cobalt products, such as nickel sulphate and cobalt sulphate, as advanced materials for use in rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles (EV ) and energy storage facilities (ESF) from the mining and processing of Range Well Ni Co Resources in the Murchison Province of the Mid West Region of Western Australia.


The Range Well Ni Co Resources contain over 2.47Mt of Ni and 0.15Mt of Co which represent the largest inventory of Ni and Co in a single undeveloped Ni Co iron oxide-silica deposit in Australia.

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