Invitation to networking functions, conferences, webinars, and trade missions

Access to membership directory and resource portal

Eligible to serve on ASBC Board or Committees

Exclusive member-only subscription

A Business Guide to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Fortnightly News Clips

ASBC Monthly Bulletin

Briefings on Australian commercial interests in Saudi Arabia to members of Parliament

Opportunity to raise company profile on ASBC website, publications, and social media

Opportunities for sponsorship at events held by or supported by the ASBC

Counselling on cultural and business practices for doing business in Saudi Arabia

Invitation to private executive discussions

Invitation to pre-dinner reception with dignitaries at selected events

VIP seating for CEO/Chairman at selected events

Facilitation of direct access to dignitaries prior to selected events

Leadership role in setting the strategic direction of the ASBC

Eligible for “Chairman’s Roundtable” events

Direct engagement on advocacy-related issues with Government officials

Priority notice of special events with Australian and Saudi Government leaders

Eligible to participate in setting ASBC advocacy goals

Eligibility to speak at events, conferences, webinars


1 Year Membership Fee


1 Year Membership Fee


1 Year Membership Fee


1 Year Membership Fee


1 Year Membership Fee

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