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• Invitation to networking functions, conferences, webinars, and trade missions
• Access to membership directory and resource portal
• Invitation to private executive discussions
• Invitation to pre-dinner reception with dignitaries at selected events
• VIP seating for CEO/Chairman at selected events
• Facilitation of direct access to dignitaries prior to selected events
• Leadership role in setting the strategic direction of the ASBC
• Eligible for “Chairman’s Roundtable” events
• Eligible to serve on ASBC Board or Committees


• Exclusive member-only subscription
• A Business Guide to Saudi Arabia
• Saudi Fortnightly News Clips
• ASBC Monthly Bulletin


• Briefings on Australian commercial interests in Saudi Arabia to members of Parliament
• Direct engagement on advocacy-related issues with Government officials
• Priority notice of special events with Australian and Saudi Government leaders
• Eligible to participate in setting ASBC advocacy goals


• Opportunity to raise company profile on ASBC website, publications, and social media
• Opportunities for sponsorship at events held by or supported by the ASBC
• Counselling on cultural and business practices for doing business in Saudi Arabia

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